Innovations for Semiconductor Industry at SEMICON

June 18, 2019

Semiconductor IndustryAs chips and other semiconductor components become smaller and more complex, accuracy and speed are of the essence. To meet these needs, HEIDENHAIN companies continue to set the pace by delivering technological innovations in products that enable the industry’s breakthrough progress. To showcase latest advancements, HEIDENHAIN will once again exhibit such at the upcoming SEMICON 2019 trade show on July 9-11 at the Moscone Center-South in San Francisco, CA.

As a parent company to multiple top motion control companies, the HEIDENHAIN booth #851 at SEMICON will also showcase top semiconductor industry products from NUMERIK JENA, ETEL and RSF. HEIDENHAIN has long been known for its ultra-precise encoders of all kinds.

Relevant products from HEIDENHAIN daughter companies at SEMICON 2019 will include:

Semiconductor IndustryNUMERIK JENA LIKgo linear encoder

The LIKgo is a newly designed low-cost linear encoder that meets the demands for use in production and inspection machines in the semiconductor industry. It is extremely compact and easy to install with generous mounting tolerances thanks to a new scanning technology that provides significantly improved signal quality. Measuring steps down to 78.125 nm are possible.

Other advantages and benefits of this new LIKgo include a very small scanning head that weighs only 5 g. The scanning technology is resistant to contamination, thanks to the relatively large scanning windows, and is thus very reliable. The electronics produce very low heat due to low current consumption.

RSF MCR 15 encoder series

Another new product in the HEIDENHAIN corporate group product portfolio is the MCR 15 absolute modular angle encoder from RSF. Developed for dynamic applications in the semiconductor and electronics industries, this new angle encoder consists of a scanning head and a graduation flange.

The MCR scanning heads are designed specifically for the available interfaces as well as for the graduation-flange outside diameters. They enable a measuring range of 360º. The graduation flanges are available in 10 different outside diameters within a range of 59.93 mm to 350.23 mm.

ETEL’s Telica motion system

Telica is ETEL’s newly developed positioning platform dedicated to semiconductor back-end processes, as well as the electronics market. Soon to be available, this new system allows users to handle the requirements of next generation advanced packages with a placement accuracy in the µm range, over a working space of up to 870 x 800 mm (therefore compatible with large panels 720x 650), allowing very high duty cycles and throughput.

The mechanical architecture of the TELICA platform is a dual gantry motion system moving in X, Y and Z directions.

Come see all this and more for yourself at SEMICON! And bring your questions.

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