ETEL Presents Its Newest Torque Motor to North America: The TMB+ Series

December 12, 2016

INFO mini header-circleTMB+In September at IMTS show, ETEL unveiled the newest advancement of its torque motor family, the TMB+. In order to keep up with the high demands of the machine tool and automation markets, ETEL has taken its existing TMB line of torque motors and redefined it to increase its overall torque, size selection, and winding options to expand upon an already extensive and well renowned series of direct drive motors.

Continuing its reputation of being a worldwide leader in direct drive technology, ETEL continuously strives to deliver the most top-of-the-line product on the market and the TMB+ is a further example of this. The TMB+ is fully pin-to-pin compatible with the TMB series but offers an increased performance of up to 22% continuous torque and up to 4% on top of it is already high peak torque. Also the TMB+ has reduced power losses, four different winding options per size and a new 200mm active length for each diameter, increasing its overall size selection from the TMB. These options help propel ETEL torque motors beyond the competition and pushes towards the goal of making direct drive technology as accessible as possible.

The industries that benefit from the TMB+ the most are ones that take advantage of its high force density within a very small footprint and consistent performance over long periods of time. One example of this is in Motion Simulation machines which use multiple motors to simulate flight by positioning an object from one point to another with optimum precision. The smaller footprint of the motor ensures the high force density of the motor doesn’t take up too much space and the lack of a gear mechanism ensures it maintains its performance during the entire lifetime of the machine as if it were brand new. Along with that, since the TMB+ is field-weakening compliant, it is also able to increase its speed capabilities from past motors thus increasing the capabilities of its machine application.

The TMB+ series comes in 62 standard model sizes with four different windings each, allowing the user to get maximum performance depending on how much torque, current, and speed needs is required. TMB+ motors can achieve a peak torque of up to 42,900 Nm and utilize flux weakening to increase it is speed capabilities. It also has the option of coming with ETEL’s IMTHP thermal module which, when coupled with ETEL’s torque motors, enables users to reduce their amount of safety margins while receiving precise and reliable temperature monitoring. ETEL torque motors are compatible with most CNC controllers.

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