June 23, 2022

EnDat 3: Ready for the future of digital manufacturing

EnDat 3 is HEIDENHAIN’s newest generation of encoder interface and is an important part of the future of industrial digital manufacturing. This interface offers enhancements to HEIDENHAIN’s long-established EnDat family by introducing new diagnostics and connectivity functionality not seen before in an RS-485 style interface.

While carrying forward the features and benefits of the well-established original EnDat (introduced in 1995), EnDat 3 relies on a new architecture that not only preserves and improves upon proven technology but also maintains the best possible continuity and compatibility with previous versions.

Overall, with EnDat 3, users and manufacturers now have access to the following features:

  • Hybrid cable transmission with motor and feedback wires in one wire
  • Bus topologies to allow for reduced cabling and easier routing
  • Expanded sensor connectivity and flexibility allowing support for IIoT initiatives
  • Higher data bandwidths
  • Definable send lists
  • Functional Safety capability up to SIL3 PL e
  • Easier system integration

Click here for more information on EnDat 3 and the new generation of encoders from HEIDENHAIN.