Direct Drive Technology Online Training

September 2, 2020

Direct Drive TechnologyAs many in the industry move toward the use of direct drive motors and their benefits for machine design in manufacturing, questions exist for many about its integration. ETEL, a leader in direct drive technology, is now offering an online course to enable users and those interested to better take advantage of this advanced technology that promises to enable higher quality production and increase throughput.

This new four-hour course is designed to help users better understand the process of designing around a direct drive motor, including covering all the necessary components and considerations of designing around torque and linear motors. With a minimum of two persons per class, it can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

In this new course, important topics will be covered including:

  • The most important values and concepts to consider with mechanical design and integration
  • Guidelines for selecting encoders, bearings, and other necessary components
  • Achieving mechanical motor coupling
  • A rundown of the assembly process

In today’s highly competitive world, the better someone understands how to design around direct drive motors, the better they will be able to take advantage of its benefits giving them an edge over their competition.

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Drive technology has been around for over 40 years. Despite this, there still is a lack of adoption by many machine builders. Even those who are familiar with it, may not have a desire to adopt the technology for a variety of reasons, from the difficulty of creating a new design to the concern of not being cost effective. As the market moves forward and demands for high quality and throughput increase, the benefits of the more advanced technology of direct drive becomes too difficult to ignore.

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