Successful LIDA 400 Exposed Linear Encoder Is Redesigned for the Future of Motion Feedback

HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION released the well-known LIDA 400 series linear encoder in the year 2000 and, since then, it has established itself in many applications including coordinate measuring machines, linear motion stages, wafer inspection, waterjet cutting, and a long list of others. Now, with advancements in technology, HEIDENHAIN introduces the next generation fully redesigned LIDA 400 series with several benefits and features.

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The Diversity of Tactile Measurements

The number of metrology applications is almost infinite; automated testing, multipoint measuring stations and individual test stations are just a few of the variants, and each application demands specific properties of the encoders and evaluation electronics used. HEIDENHAIN provides a wide spectrum of solutions for such purposes which, thanks to photoelectric scanning, benefit from high accuracy across the complete measuring range.

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Encoders for Linear Motors in the Electronics Industry

The semiconductor industry and automation technology increasingly require more precise and faster machines in order to satisfy growing demands on miniaturization, quality, and manufacturing cost reduction. Linear motors are gradually becoming more important in such highly-dynamic applications with one or more feed axes.

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Quality Assurance Made Easy During Production Processes

Precision is the be all and end all in modern production, and continuous compliance with this is an art in itself. Manufacturing companies invest in finest measuring technology to achieve this, implemented on so-called measuring islands in the immediate vicinity of their production plant.

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NUMERIK JENA Offers Slim Angle Encoder-RIK Series

NUMERIK JENA’s RIK kit-style optical angle encoder without bearing is ideally suited for those motion feedback applications where space is limited.

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Calibrating Camera Pixel Size In Vision Systems Has Never Been Easier

Now available in North America through HEIDENHAIN Corporation, the Magnification Checker is the perfect tool to reliably assist machine vision users in qualifying the pixel size of any camera type.

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Advanced Features Set This New Tiny Linear Encoder Apart

RSF Elektronik has released the MS 15 optical kit style linear encoder with the most advanced features available in the smallest mechanical profile in the industry.

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LVDTs versus Optical Scanning

Gaging fixtures are a staple in many metrology labs and assembly lines. They offer a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to determine if a measured part passes tolerances. Two popular tools that are found in many fixtures are HEIDENHAIN length gages and Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT). While LVDTs and HEIDENHAIN length gages are both used for the same purpose, the way they operate is fundamentally different.

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HEIDENHAIN angle encoders in Adcole Model 1200

Did you know that a HEIDENHAIN angle encoder is a vital component in Adcole’s Model 1200 measuring machine known worldwide as the standard for measuring engine crankshafts and camshafts? Adcole Corporation headquartered in Massachusetts, takes great pride as the market leader and asserts its ability to provide the highest accuracy cylindrical coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). “No other company can better measure critically important reciprocating engine components,” said Steve Corrado, Adcole’s Engineering Manager.

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