Talking to Your GAGE-CHEK

Once referred to as simply a “Gage Amplifier”, the GAGE-CHEK has proven itself time and time again to be much more.

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Unbreakable – Milled from Solid Material Custom Bikes Made by Thunderbike

Thunderbike uses 5-axis machining centers with TNC controls from HEIDENHAIN to manufacture incredible custom bikes in Germany.

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HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 being used on challenging materials

“Most people would be afraid to do this,” says Patrick Meyer, founder of Carbomill AG. But he is not afraid of machining complex workpieces, including those made from carbon-fiber reinforced plastics. In order to deliver perfect results from the start, the young entrepreneur invested in a Fooke ENDURA 711 gantry-type milling machine, equipped with an iTNC 530 from HEIDENHAIN. His customers are very demanding, and come from motorsports and the automobile and aerospace industries.

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Linear Encoders with Safe Absolute Position Values

For years now, HEIDENHAIN absolute linear and angle encoders have been the product of choice for machine tools wherever high requirements for accuracy, reliability and productivity must be met.

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Minimize Risks During Normal Or Impaired Machine Or Facilities Operation

The goal of functional safety is to minimize or even eliminate risks that can occur during normal or impaired operation of machines or facilities. HEIDENHAIN offers a purely serial, single encoder solution for safety-related position measuring systems in safety-oriented applications in accordance with EN 61 508 and EN 13 849. This means that safety applications can now take advantage of all the benefits of serial data transfer, such as optimization of costs, diagnostic possibilities, automatic commissioning and rapid formation of the position value.

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Deep-hole gun drill machine for hydraulic press manufacturing

Two HEIDENHAIN controls are an integral part of an unusual deep-hole gun drill machine now in place at Dieffenbacher North America hydraulic press manufacturer. This deep-hole drilling machine has three spindles that can operate simultaneously over a 12000 mm table, enabling not only the manufacture of deep holes up to 2500 mm in very large press plates but to also machine the necessary pockets all at the same time.

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A wooden eyeglass manufacturer uses 5-axis machining to achieve low weight, no screws, unusual surfaces and perfect functionality

Did you know that a HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 control is a vital component in the current manufacture of award-winning new wooden glasses, made by Rolf Spectacles? These unique glasses are growing in popularity, having their start in 2008 with three partners working out of a basement in Austria, and have expanded by leaps and bounds with automated production now underway.

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Exposed Linear Encoders for Direct Drives

Linear motors have made irreversible inroads into highly dynamic applications such as manufacturing and measuring equipment in the semiconductor industry, in PCB assembly machines, textile machines and in automation.

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Influence of Position Measurement on Accuracy in 5-Axis Machining

High strength and low weight are essential for the aeronautics and space industry. Integral construction has established itself as the way to minimize the weight of “airborne” parts: components with complex structure are manufactured completely from a single blank. Metal removal levels can be as high as 95 %. This high “buy-to-fly” rate leads to high costs for the raw material of the blanks.

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