The Importance of Thermal Protection for Torque Motors

When talking about high-end machining or manufacturing applications dealing with direct drive technology, one of the biggest key advantages of going with this particular transmission method is its endurance.

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Four Advantages of Torque Motors

When it comes to the highest end of motion control, one could argue that direct drive technology is the best transmission method available and allows users to achieve maximum performance at the highest precision. Using electromagnetic induction as its way of transferring force, direct drive technology eliminates many of the downsides of other transmission devices, and is available in both linear and rotational forms. For rotational movement, a torque motor would deliver this and provides multiple advantages over other methods.

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ETEL Offers Short Stroke Actuators

ETEL is proud to now offer short stroke actuators in North America through HEIDENHAIN Corporation.

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Optimized scanning in absolute rotary encoders

Rotary encoders for electrical drives are subject to high requirements: they are expected to function reliably and provide dependable measurement data in spite of their often harsh environments. The optimized scanning principle—made possible by the serial-coded absolute track—meets these requirements. Absolute rotary encoders with optimized scanning are distinguished by the high quality of their scanning signals and their significantly reduced sensitivity to contamination.

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