February 26, 2024

ACU-RITE: Company developments and vision for 2024

Schaumburg, IL (February 2024) – In a dynamic progression through recent years, ACU-RITE, a leader in DRO (Digital Readouts), CNC, encoders and accessories has consistently advanced despite global changes, reinforcing its commitment to machinists nationwide.

Starting in 2019, ACU-RITE embarked on a significant transformation by relocating its manufacturing facilities from Jamestown, NY, to the larger, state-of-the-art facilities at the North American headquarters of parent company HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION in Schaumburg, IL. This move not only represents ACU-RITE’s dedication to the “Made in America” tradition but also strategically places the company in a centralized location. This benefits ACU-RITE with quicker access to industrial resources in the Chicagoland area, enhancing its operational efficiency in shipping and receiving, both domestically and internationally.

Further emphasizing its commitment to education and customer support, ACU-RITE opened the ACU-RITE Technology Education Center (ATEC) in 2021.

ATEC stands as a pillar of innovation, offering North American customers and prospects a unique opportunity to directly engage with ACU-RITE’s extensive range of machine tool components. This facility provides an environment where expert trainers can demonstrate the application of ACU-RITE’s controls, digital readouts, encoders, and accessories on various machine tools. By appointment, customers can experience ACU-RITE’s latest products, including the MILLPWRG2 control system for knee mill and bed mill applications and the TURNPWR control for lathe applications, in a fully functional setting.

Additionally, ACU-RITE is extending its support to the educational sector through its School Discount Program. This initiative is designed to bring the latest in precision metalworking technology to students across the country. By partnering with local distributors, ACU-RITE is able to offer its advanced MILLPWRG2 CNC controllers and comprehensive DRO packages at significantly reduced prices to schools with precision metalworking and vocational programs. This effort not only equips educators with the tools necessary to provide in-depth instruction on turning and milling machine cycles, probing functions, and conversational CNC programming, but also highlights ACU-RITE’s commitment to fostering the next generation of machining professionals.

In line with its innovative spirit, ACU-RITE proudly announced the launch of droPWR in 2022, a revolutionary product that transforms an iPad® into a comprehensive digital readout. This innovation is a game-changer in the machining industry, offering an intuitive user experience with touch screen capabilities, dynamic switching between milling, turning, and grinding, and the flexibility of multiple machine configurations on a single tablet. The droPWR is a perfect fit for both educational settings and modern manufacturing environments, highlighting ACU-RITE’s continued pursuit of technological advancement.

ACU-RITE also introduced its new “Channel Partner Program,” designed to reinforce and support the brand’s dealer network. This program ensures that ACU-RITE dealers are equipped with the best qualifications for sales and service, maintaining the highest standards of brand representation.

ACU-RITE’s ongoing success is powered by its diverse teams, including the engineering and applications team in New York, and a comprehensive manufacturing team, dedicated service, quality control and marketing teams, all located in Illinois.

The company has also seen significant changes in its core team. John Parker, a long-time ACU-RITE employee with 30+ years of experience, now leads as the Business Unit Manager for the ACU-RITE brand. Kevin Caporale, another veteran with a similarly extensive tenure, has been appointed as the Channel Partner Manager, overseeing the substantial Channel Partner Program. Edward Abplanalp joins as an Applications Engineer, bringing years of rich experience in various aspects of machining and fabrication. Mike Lentz is taking the role of National Sales Manager that represents a strategic step in driving ACU-RITE’s sales initiatives. Mike will be dedicated to assisting Regional Sales Managers to invigorate channel partners and to drive the growth of ACU-RITE sales.

Looking forward to 2024 and beyond, ACU-RITE is enthusiastic about its continued brand investments. These include a revitalized visual identity, an enhanced online presence and a commitment to new product development. A significant highlight for the year will be ACU-RITE’s participation in the IMTS trade show in September, where the company is set to make an exciting new announcement.

Product contact:

John Parker, HEIDENHAIN Business Unit Manager – ACU-RITE
jparker@heidenhain.com or 716-456-3150

Media contact:

Sarah Moreau, HEIDENHAIN Marketing Manager
smoreau@heidenhain.com or 847-519-4212