Gen. 3 Inductive Encoders with Functional Safety

January 28, 2015

HEIDENHAIN’s new generations of absolute inductive rotary encoders with functional safety are now available. The Generation 3 ExI 1100 and 1300 series encoders provide a single encoder safety solution for many industries such as packaging, automation and robotics.  These new products are especially suitable for safety-related applications up to SIL 3, PLe, and Category 4 or any application involving high risks for the operator, such as when they are required to interact with a robot directly.

The ExI 1100 encoders are 35 mm sized encoders while the ExI 1300 series feature a larger 56 mm hub size.  Both these series encoders are implemented with a HYDRA III scanning ASIC and also offer a host of different safety-related functions that can be upgraded even further with the implementation of safe control that supports the EnDat Safety Master.  These additional measures can be implemented independently of the control loop parameter. This allows the safety measures available to work directly with a controls safety module, without being affected by changes in control-loop parameters

The ECI 1×19 and EQI 1×31 each feature an increased single turn resolution of 19 bits while the EQI 1×31 can track 4096 (12 bits) revolutions. These next gen. encoders showcase improved vibration specifications (400 m/s2 stator and 600 m/s2 rotor), as well as a more durable multi-turn gearbox, and an increased permissible axial motion of the shaft up to ± 0.4 mm. They also have the advantages of previous bearingless, inductive encoders which include the non-contact design, resistance to contamination, no mechanical self-heating, and reduced sensitivity to radial runout.

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