TT 160 and TT 460

Tool touch probes for efficient measurement and tool inspection

  • High repeatability for very high measurement quality
  • Choice between cable-bound vs. radio and infrared signal transmission
  • Interfaces: HTL, or EnDat 2.2 via SE
  • Protection rating: IP68
Cableless signals with the TT 460

The reliable radio and infrared signal transmission of the TT 460 touch probe reduces cabling in hard-to-access machines. This combined signal transmission capability merges the benefits of infrared and radio in a single system. Infrared transmission is ideal for compact machines, while radio transmission is beneficial in large machines.

Long-lasting accuracy

Even after five million probing cycles, the HEIDENHAIN workpiece touch probes are still highly accurate: with a probing repeatability of 2 σ ≤ 1 µm at a probing speed of up to 3 m/min, these touch probes deliver reliable measurements even after prolonged use.

Versatile mounting

The tool touch probes can be quickly and easily mounted as desired with fixing clamps or a space-saving mounting base. Integrated blowers and a hose connector can also be selected for the mounting base.

Damage protection

The connecting pin on the probe contact features a predetermined breaking point that prevents expensive damage to the touch probe. This breaking point works in all probing directions, while a rubber grommet provides protection from fragments. The connecting pin is quick and easy to replace without readjustment.

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