Length Gauges and Metrology Solutions

When you need accuracy and versatility, HEIDENHAIN length gauges and metrology solutions deliver. These rugged products provide the highest accuracy for measuring gage blocks and providing in-line gaging solutions, while presenting custom gage-builders with an entire toolbox of gaging options.

Why HEIDENHAIN length gauges?

  • Products cover myriad applications in production metrology, in multipoint inspection stations, measuring equipment monitoring and as position measuring devices
  • The high-accuracy specifications apply over the entire measuring length—whether the part measures 12 mm or 100 mm
  • High repeatability offers an advantage during comparative measurements—in series production, for example
  • The wide measuring ranges (from 12 mm to 100 mm) eliminate the need for multiple, expensive setups
  • Rugged construction and high thermal stability make HEIDENHAIN length gauges ideal for industrial environments
Length Gauges and Metrology Solutions


Does HEIDENHAIN offer a gauge that is capable of calibrating gauge blocks?

Yes, the CERTO product portfolio is suited for gauge block calibration over a range for up to 60 mm.

What is the best accuracy gauge HEIDENHAIN manufactures?

The CERTO gauge offers ±0.03µm with linear error compensation.

Do your gages require recalibration?

Unlike inductive gauges, HEIDENHAIN length gauges provide stable measurement over long periods—eliminating recalibration.

Can HEIDENHAIN gauges be used in a production environment?

HEIDENHAIN length gauges are built for an industrial environment. Their long-term consistent accuracy and high thermal stability make them ideal for use in production equipment and machines.

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