Digital Readout Systems and Interface Electronics

It’s understood that applications from machine tools to measuring microscopes contain some error in the accuracy of moving components when compared to a known standard. Digital readout systems (or position display units) and interface electronics from HEIDENHAIN and ACU-RITE can address these issues—offering increased accuracy and quality control in myriad applications:

  • ACU-RITE readout systems use a function called Position-Trac™ that enables quick, easy workpiece zero-reset after power loss.
  • Both linear and non-linear error compensation, up to ±99999 ppm (parts per million), can be entered into the readout.
  • With the greater positioning accuracy of the system, the inherent accuracy of the machine is used in full and the likelihood of errors is greatly reduced.

For machine tool operators, the benefits of DROs are substantial:

  • The time the operator used to spend setting the coordinates for positioning is now spent machining more parts. This translates into greater operator efficiency and in turn, increased output.
  • The elimination of paper-and-pencil calculations for offsets or other dimensions that may not appear on the drawings.
  • A reduction in operator fatigue associated with counting hand wheel turns and straining to read verniers.
  • Digital measuring system makes training of new or less-experienced operators much easier and less time consuming.

For almost 40 years our Family of Brands partner, ACU-RITE, has represented the finest-quality readout systems precision glass scales and CNC controls. Learn more about the benefits of DROs from ACU-RITE here.

Digital Readouts and Interface Electronics


What are the benefits of the new EnDat 3 over its predecessors?

EnDat 3 starts with a hybrid cable transmission and offers bus topologies. The functional safety communication is in accordance with the black-channel principle and offers a much higher data bandwidth to name a few.

What makes the best digital readout?

Easy to program, intuitive operation even for beginners. It also requires comfortable viewing and easy to read from a distance. Robust design for shop floor use.

Does HEIDENHAIN offer products that allow me to use your linear and angular encoders with other controls and subsequent electronics?

The answer is yes. We have solutions that enable the use of our feedback with all common interface requirements from digital to analog, including incremental and absolute as well as sine cosine.

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