Boost productivity—and performance—with fast, accurate linear encoders

When you need the highest positioning accuracy, only linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN can get the job done. Available in absolute and incremental versions and ideal for a variety of applications—including machine tools, semiconductor machines and medical machines—these measuring solutions combat a variety of issues that erode precision.

Achieve peak accuracy with HEIDENHAIN encoders

    Our products

    Sealed linear encoders

    Linear encoders measure the position of linear axes without additional mechanical transfer elements

    Exposed linear encoders

    Designed for use on machines and installations that require especially high accuracy of the measured value

    Why HEIDENHAIN controls?

    Large selection, easy to install

    Including sealed and exposed encoders in absolute and incremental versions

    Peak accuracy

    Finer signal periods offer highest interpolation accuracy


    Proven, long-term performance

    Encoders for electronic applications

    The semiconductor industry and automation technology increasingly require more precise and faster machines in order to satisfy growing demands on miniaturization, quality, and manufacturing cost reduction. Linear motors are gradually becoming more important in such highly-dynamic applications with one or more feed axes. The benefits of this direct drive technology are low wear, low maintenance, and higher productivity.

    The importance of position measurement in 5-axis machining

    Productivity and accuracy are important attributes in the competition for machine tools. Five-axis machining provides considerable potential for increasing productivity.