Encoders for dynamic automation

Slip rings for dynamic automation

Today, automation is all around us—and the demands are greater than ever. Engineers must answer the call for dynamic automation solutions that are safe and efficient. Our encoders are well suited to support these needs—including fast-cycle-time applications that require external sensor information (such as temperature).

Encoders for heavy-duty automation

Today’s heavy-duty automation applications demand encoders are smarter, more useful and more compact than ever before. Most importantly, they must be exceedingly durable and reliable. Our encoder solutions collect high-resolution speed or position data at the moment of motion, to achieve the most efficient motion control—no matter how harsh the working environment. They also offer in-demand functionalities including condition monitoring, overspeed relays and efficient fieldbus connectivity to support very short cycle times.

Encoders for demanding servo drive applications

Demands on servo drives are higher than ever: greater positioning accuracy, speed stability, bandwidth and safety. Answer the call with measuring components that provide the most reliable positioning feedback. We offer the widest range of rotary solutions to meet any servo motor needs—from extreme precision to heavy-duty durability.