The purpose of the FAQ page is to counter the misperceptions out in the market place.


What other brands are owned by HEIDENHAIN and where can I purchase them?

The major brands include ACU-RITE, RENCO, RSF, Numerik Jena, AMO, ETEL, LEINE LINDE, LTN Servotechnik. All solutions can be purchased through HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION, based in Schaumburg, IL, and distribution.

Is HEIDENHAIN a publicly traded company?

No, HEIDENHAIN is fully owned by a non-profit organization created by the company’s founder. The company therefore operates independently of third-party economic and private interests. Its profits are invested in alignment with the non-profit organization and ploughed back into the company itself. This special type of ownership ensures the company’s sustainable continuity and the jobs of its employees. As a result, our employees enjoy a sense of working for their own company.

How long has HEIDENHAIN been in business?

The company was founded in 1889, in Berlin Germany. The North American subsidiary HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION was founded in 1965 in Niles IL. Headquarters now sit in Schaumburg, IL, just west of Chicago.

How many people does HEIDENHAIN employ?

Approximately 8,100 worldwide and 150 in North America.

General Support

Where can I buy HEIDENHAIN products?

OEM’s can purchase direct from HEIDENHAIN. End users purchase through our vast network of distributors. Call us and we can direct you to the proper distributor based on your location and needs—847-457-4024.

Where can I send my product for repairs?

Our shipping address is:

Service Dept.
333 East State Parkway
Schaumburg IL 60173.
Or, you can fill out the form here: https://www.heidenhain.us/service/support/

I ship my finished product all over the world, does HEIDENHAIN have global support?

HEIDENHAIN is present in all industrialized countries. We have strategically located manufacturing in Europe, North America and Asia.

How long does it take to ship?

Common items typically ship from stock in Schaumburg, IL.

What is the warranty on my HEIDENHAIN product?

Two years post shipment.


Where can I download the latest HEIDENHAIN software?

All the latest software can be found here: https://www.heidenhain.com/service/downloads/software. Available software includes PC software and software for controls, interface electronics, digital readouts, evaluation electronics, encoder support, inspection devices, testing devices and interfaces.

Does HEIDENHAIN still make digital readouts?

Yes, there are several different digital readouts (DROs) available under our ACU-RITE brand: DRO100, DRO203 and DRO300 series. All ACU-RITE products are designed and built in the United States.

Why should I use a touch probe?

Using a touch probe is a huge benefit to speed up the machining setup process and reducing scrap. They are also advantageous in final part inspection and correction. Touch probes are a vital tool to pair with 5-axis machinery.

What new touch probe features are available now?

EnDat interface from HEIDENHAIN which transmits relevant touch probe data including battery life. EnDat also transmits position and diagnostic capabilities. EnDat communication also allows for probing velocities to be adjusted if need be, without the need to re-calibrate the touch probe trigger due to the timestamp switching data via the EnDat communication. We also offer a few new Touch Probe cycles including our new 14XX cycles which allow for evaluation of tolerances, transferring of actual position for calculations, semi-automatic probing, and simultaneous measurement of rotation and position in one cycle.

What is the best way to calibrate a 5-axis machine?

When using HEIDENHAIN’s touch probe and probe calibration cycles, Kinematics Opt and Kinematics Comp will guarantee the tightest machining tolerances.

Can I remotely check the TNC CNC control?

Yes, TNC Remo Plus allows users to connect and monitor the live screen of the control.

How can I get trained on a HEIDENHAIN TNC CNC control?

HEIDENHAIN has many programs, online, onsite and in-person to help end users with their TNC training needs. HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training (HIT) is a robust online resource that allows the user to learn at his own pace with interactive modules and exercises that involve a TNC control imbedded in the program. Contact tncapplications@heidenhain for more information on pricing and scheduling for on-site and in-person training at our state-of-the-art Schaumburg facility

What is the best way to monitor CNC machine uptime?

Connect the machine to a machine data acquisition software by using HEIDENHAIN’s StateMonitor. Data is then easily evaluated, downloaded or queried for specific/precise machine data.

Why would I network my TNC CNC control?

This would allow you to push and pull programs to and from the machine, view real time tool information and create backup of the machine from TNCremo. Networking a machine tool would also allow you to monitor the machine tool to increase the utilization rate and boost productivity so the machine can make more revenue in less time.


How does HEIDENHAIN differ from other manufacturers, such as Fanuc and Siemens?

HEIDENHAIN offers a complete motion control systems from motors to drives, closed loop direct measuring systems. Our CNC controls are designed with the machine operator in mind, offering touchscreen technology and other user-friendly programming features. This allows the machine tool builder to achieve maximum cutting speeds by maintaining high accuracy levels, specifically in 5-axis applications.

Why is HEIDENHAIN so expensive?

HEIDENHAIN quality speaks for itself: longevity, functionality, advanced engineering to name a few. HEIDENHAIN also invests very heavily in R&D, assuring the next generation of motion control products helps keep customers at the forefront of their respective markets.

Where are products from HEIDENHAIN Family of Brand made?

  • HEIDENHAIN products are made in Germany.
  • ACU-RITE products are made in Schaumburg, IL
  • RSF products are made in Austria.
  • LTN products are made in Germany.
  • ETEL products are made in Switzerland.
  • RENCO products are made in Germany.
  • Numerik Jena products are made in Germany.
  • LEINE LINDE products are made in Sweden.
  • AMO products are made in Austria.