July 2011

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…that a Numerik Jena KIT R rotary encoder is an important component in the assembly of a highly effective rotary vacuum seal system manufactured by Ferrotec (USA) Corporation.


Specifically, the Numerik Jena component is used in FerroTec’s FerroDrive motor-integrated vacuum rotary feedthrough product. These FerroDrive systems provide vital precision rotation sealing in a vacuum, which is necessary for assembly and processing applications in industries such as semiconductor, LED, solar cells and aerospace.

“Our FerroDrive motor-integrated feed through systems are designed to provide an integrated motor/seal subassembly for use in high vacuum manufacturing processes,” said Tom Black, Ferrotec Engineering Manager. The Numerik Jena KIT R modular encoder and disk hub assembly components assist this Ferrotec system by tracking the specific position and speed of the shaft that actually penetrates a vacuum chamber and rotates.

“We appreciate the dependability of the Numerik Jena encoder in this system which provides us with a speed accuracy of ±0.1% and high stability and quality signals for smooth velocity control,” continued Black.

The Numerik Jena KIT R rotary encoder series is known for its compact size, easy installation and signal interpolation of up to 100x. Through dynamic offset and amplitude control, high interpolation accuracy is achieved and further reduction of sensitivity to contamination is realized.

FerroTec (www.ferrotec.com) is a diversified technology company with a worldwide presence in a broad array of end products, manufacturing systems and industries, providing customers with advanced material, component and assembly solutions. Employing over 3,000 worldwide, FerroTec is the global leader in Ferrofluid products, branching into seven different divisions.

Numerik Jena is a daughter company of DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH and is represented by HEIDENHAIN in North America (Schaumburg, IL).


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