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HEIDENHAIN Connected Machining helps shops of all sizes take advantage of industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is here to stay—and the possibilities are more promising than ever. Shops of all sizes and types can take advantage today, without the need for a large investment of time, money or resources. With HEIDENHAIN’s TNC controls and Connected Machining system, all production processes are networked—from design to final delivery. And unlike others on the market, the HEIDENHAIN solution keeps your data safe and secure in your own network. Read on and watch the video to learn more.

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    Connect Machining Features

    • Built-in Ethernet connection. HEIDENHAIN controls allow operators to go online, view PDFs and more.
    • Streamlined operations. Connected machining functionality includes tool management and batch processing/scheduling.
    • Remote monitoring and data collection. The StateMonitor software allows for easy, real-time connection to machines across the entire shop floor. Users can access the StateMonitor dashboard from any web-enabled control, PC or mobile device.
    • MTConnect compatibility. With the MT Connect option, users can connect the monitoring system any compatible machines, regardless of control type or brand.
    • Extended Workspace. The display provides clear representation and processing of the job data on the machine.
    • Secure data transfer. The HEIDENHAIN DNC interface securely connects the control to your ERP and other production control systems, without the risk of compromising your data.

    More about Connected Machining

    Network your production with HEIDENHAIN TNC controls

    Connected Machining provides TNC controls with access to all order-related data in the company network, so the specialist at the TNC control can become a director of the process chain.

    Connected Machining product line

    Look through out digital management software solutions.