When it’s all on the line

There’s no room for error when it comes to medical equipment manufacturing. It’s why HEIDENHAIN components are counted on for everything from rapid diagnostics and life-saving implant development to X-ray positioning and cancer treatments.

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Why leaders in the medical sector choose HEIDENHAIN

Safety and comfort matter most – With our own deep roots in R&D, HEIDENHAIN understands the importance of, and delivers reliable products at functional safety levels that keep progress moving and patients comfortable.

Making robotics and automation made possible – With precision controls and hardware, we’re helping make robotics and automation systems more viable than ever for sensitive medical applications.

Absolute stability and positioning – We understand there are instances where positioning control is just as important as motion control and have the devices to do the job.

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Solutions for medical technology—precise, reliable
and long-lasting

Solutions for medical technology—precise, reliable and long-lasting

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Stories & Articles

Applications in the laboratory

Modern medical laboratories are characterized by highly automated processes with a high degree of repeatability. Their task is the analysis of very small individual samples in large charges within a very brief time.

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Applications for medical therapy

Inaccuracies in the positioning or guidance of the therapy instruments can have far-reaching consequences.

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Precise, reliable and long-lasting medical technology solutions

Medical technology is an extremely sensitive industry, in more ways than one. People are in difficult and exceptional circumstances, since their health—one of the most precious goods humans have—is under attack.

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