Solutions that work in the real world

For more than a century, all across the globe, in applications large and small, the reliability and precision of our motion control systems have inspired the human ingenuity. HEIDENHAIN technologies have enabled the innovation that’s both driven marketplace success and made our world a better place.

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The industries we serve

Oil & Gas

With accurate condition monitoring and powerful motion control, your systems will consistently deliver in the harshest of environments.

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Discover how high-precision motors and encoders are making nanometer-range production possible.

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Lab Automation

Our equipment accelerates the important experimentation and testing in high-stakes labs across the globe.

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General Automation

The automated revolution is well under way and our high-precision, high-powered systems are on the forefront.

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When there’s no room for error, researchers and engineers turn to HEIDENHAIN for the components that ensure it.

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Machine Tool

Machine tool builders of all types turn to our controls and drives to maximize big-batch production uptime or prototype precision.

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Pulp & Paper

In an industry so diverse, from pulpwood processing to package printing, our wide range of systems fits the bill.

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Our extreme equipment has proven to deliver in the steel mill when shock, rapid temperature changes, vibration and large loads come into play.

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Many of the the world’s most advanced lean on HEIDENHAIN motion control to capture and process pristine data from light years away.

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Our goal is to help engineers tackle today’s most unique and demanding motion control challenges, regardless of the application. We’d love to help you with yours.

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