Application stories: How HEIDENHAIN customers find success

HEIDENHAIN customers in a variety of industries have found success with our precision measurement and motion control systems. Read stories about machine tool, semiconductor, and general automation applications below.

Machine Tool

No matter what the machining application, countless shops count on CNC machine tool controls from HEIDENHAIN. Read stories about how they've improved efficiencies and overcome challenges with our balance of cutting-edge innovation and universal compatibility.

Unbreakable – Milled from Solid Material Custom Bikes Made by Thunderbike

Thunderbike uses 5-axis machining centers with TNC controls from HEIDENHAIN to manufacture incredible custom bikes in Germany.

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HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 being used on challenging materials

“Most people would be afraid to do this,” says Patrick Meyer, founder of Carbomill AG. But he is not afraid of machining complex workpieces, including those made from carbon-fiber reinforced plastics. In order to deliver perfect results from the start, the young entrepreneur invested in a Fooke ENDURA 711 gantry-type milling machine, equipped with an iTNC 530 from HEIDENHAIN. His customers are very demanding, and come from motorsports and the automobile and aerospace industries.

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Deep-hole gun drill machine for hydraulic press manufacturing

Two HEIDENHAIN controls are an integral part of an unusual deep-hole gun drill machine now in place at Dieffenbacher North America hydraulic press manufacturer. This deep-hole drilling machine has three spindles that can operate simultaneously over a 12000 mm table, enabling not only the manufacture of deep holes up to 2500 mm in very large press plates but to also machine the necessary pockets all at the same time.

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As chips and other semiconductor components become smaller and more complex, accuracy and speed are of the essence. HEIDENHAIN encoder technologies set the pace—delivering innovation that helps enable the industry's breakneck progress.

High-Precision Positioning of Inspection Items in the X-Ray Beam

CT systems with rotary tables and angle encoder modules with roller bearings In the domain of non-destructive materials testing, computed tomography (CT) is a technology that provides a unique three-dimensional view of inspection items. For example, it permits precise geometrical measurement of the inner structures of components, comparison with CAD data and the detection of […]

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High-Precision Drives for the Optical Industry

Schüssler-Technik in Pforzheim, Germany, is divided into two divisions. The first division manufactures primarily milling, bending and laser soldering machines for the manufacture of eyeglass frames. The second is occupied with the R&D and sale of direct drives.

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A New Dimension in the Nanometer Range

The trend in the semiconductor industry to ever higher levels of integration and, with it, to continuously finer structures, calls for measuring devices with high resolution for positioning to the nanometer in the manufacturing process and in measuring and inspection technology. Measuring error due to guideway influences and thermal expansion, which at present cannot be compensated by computation, can be ascertained by a new measuring device and therefore significantly reduced.

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General Automation

Process plants and factories around the world have discovered significant opportunities to cut per-unit-production costs by applying or updating instruments or controls, refining manufacturing methods and implementing automation.

High-Performance Robots Thanks to Encoders with EnDat 2.2

Italian manufacturer Comau places its trust in encoder solutions with EnDat-2.2 interfaces from HEIDENHAIN for its new robot control and 3-D laser system.

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Train with full control

AQ Mekatronik in Bollnäs has made the new high-speed train master controller. The model is called MC 400 and is used to control the train’s speed and braking. It is a redundant system with two custom-made absolute encoders from Leine & Linde in each unit which produce a digital output signal pattern. Micro-switches were previously used for the signal pattern.

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Positioning and speed control system for fifth largest telescope in the United States

Did you know that HEIDENHAIN components are within the new Discovery Channel Telescope (DCT) that has recently seen its first light at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona? As part of the DCT’s mount and control system developed by General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies (GDST), four HEIDENHAIN tape encoders and an EIB interface system are used inside to assist with its important positioning and speed functions.

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In electronics manufacturing, demands range from high-throughput pick-and-place automation to exceedingly accurate PCB drilling machines. Regardless of the scenario, HEIDENHAIN products offer rock-solid repeatability and precision.

Miniature Linear Encoder Perfect for Linear Motors

With its postage-stamp size scanning unit and very high accuracy, these encoders are of special interest to stage manufacturers or anyone using linear motors in their machine design.

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First Adopters of Linear Motors in PCB Drilling

The manufacturer from Sinn in the Central Hessen region of Germany was the first company to successfully use linear motors with PCB drilling machines. This technology was also implemented for the DRB 610 1+1 PCB drilling and milling machine shown at the Productronica 2013 fair for the highly dynamic positioning of its two spindles (Figure 1). The machine producer also places its trust in LIC 4100 absolute exposed linear encoders from Heidenhain to achieve precise position measurement and control of traversing velocity.

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Linear Encoders for Vacuum Technology

The word “vacuum” is used to describe an empty space, meaning a volume not filled with air or any other gas. A vacuum is classified as a low, medium, high or ultrahigh vacuum, depending on its purity. ‘ Vacuum technology plays a significant role in many modern production procedures and research tasks. Procedures using vacuum technology have become indispensable in the electronics industry and biotechnology, in thin-film deposition technology, in the development of new materials, and in medicine and analytical technology.

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Metrology demands run the gamut of simple measuring stations to complex inspection systems with multiple measuring points—in industries ranging from aerospace to biotech. HEIDENHAIN supports the spectrum with compatible evaluation electronics.

Quality Assurance Made Easy During Production Processes

Precision is the be all and end all in modern production, and continuous compliance with this is an art in itself. Manufacturing companies invest in finest measuring technology to achieve this, implemented on so-called measuring islands in the immediate vicinity of their production plant.

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HEIDENHAIN IK 5000 QUADRA-CHEK is a vital part of manufacturing unique thin film solar panels

HEIDENHAIN’s IK 5000 QUADRA-CHEK serves as the metrology and motor control system in a video measurement machine (VMM) that is currently inspecting extremely thin film solar panels on flexible plastic substrates? These flexible solar panels, inspected on an Acu-Gage Systems (New Hampshire) VMM, can be used in a myriad of applications such as on backpacks/travel gear, siding for houses and retractable awnings, providing a source of transportable, renewable energy.

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HEIDENHAIN angle encoders in Adcole Model 1200

Did you know that a HEIDENHAIN angle encoder is a vital component in Adcole’s Model 1200 measuring machine known worldwide as the standard for measuring engine crankshafts and camshafts? Adcole Corporation headquartered in Massachusetts, takes great pride as the market leader and asserts its ability to provide the highest accuracy cylindrical coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). “No other company can better measure critically important reciprocating engine components,” said Steve Corrado, Adcole’s Engineering Manager.

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Life Sciences

From more reliable diagnostics to more accurate, repeatable lab equipment, HEIDENHAIN products enable some of the world’s most advanced—and life-saving—medical technologies.

HEIDENHAIN solutions for medical technology | applications in the laboratory

Modern medical laboratories are characterized by highly automated processes with a high degree of repeatability. Their task is the analysis of very small individual samples in large charges within a very brief time.

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Solutions for Medical Technology | Applications for Therapy

Inaccuracies in the positioning or guidance of the therapy instruments can have far-reaching consequences.

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Solutions for Medical Technology – Precise, Reliable and Long-Lasting

Medical technology is an extremely sensitive industry, in more ways than one. People are in difficult and exceptional circumstances, since their health—one of the most precious goods humans have—is under attack.

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