Magnetic encoder with robust encapsulation

For the toughest environments in heavy duty industries, such as pulp and paper, oil and gas, as well as steel, Leine & Linde is now presenting the latest addition to the Magnetic 2000 series: MRI 2850.

THE MRI 2850 ENCODER has been designed to provide velocity feedback with high precision for extended periods without production stops. Without ball bearings or other contact surfaces, it will be immune to mechanical wear. Its mechanical service life is virtually unlimited. MRI 2850 is built on the well-proven technology from the Leine & Linde 2000 series, where a ring with a magnetic band is mounted directly on the rotating shaft. The speed is detected by a fixed scanning head. What is new with MRI 2850 is that robust aluminum encapsulation protects both the magnetic band and the scanning head. This means that the risk of damage during transport, installation and use is eliminated.

Good choice for NEMA standard C-Face motors These encoders fit motors with the NEMA standard 8.5” C-Face, shaft diameters 25 mm to 100 mm (or 1”-4”). The distance from the scanning head to the ring is fixed, and consequently no additional tools are needed for distance adjustment. The product overall is designed for easy installation, with multiple connection capabilities and electrical interfaces that match users’ needs. In addition, the tough output divers can support signal frequencies up to 100kHz at 30V over 350m cable lengths.

The magnetic code-wheel on the MRI 2850 supports shaft sizes from 1” to 4” without the need for a stub shaft. Magnet material is permanently covered with a stainless-steel shield so that damage from mechanical contact is eliminated.

Dual outputs MRI 2850 is available with single or dual outputs for incremental signals. The two outputs are independent of one another and can be supplied with various resolutions, 1 – 16 383 ppr, as well as with electronic interfaces, such as HTL, RS422 and High Current HTL for transfer over long distances.