Absolute encoders for roll gap control

Unlike other encoder solutions for roll gap regulation, the new Linear 4000 series from Leine&Linde will not need to be installed inside a cylinder. These robust linear encoders are easily accessible for installation and service – and they provide absolute position values.

A steel mill’s rolling stands operate in one of the industry’s absolute toughest environments, with high temperatures, aggressive chemicals, shock impact and vibrations. But thanks to its robust construction, the new Linear 4000 series can stand up against the demanding environmental conditions inherent in this application, without the need for being mounted inside a cylinder of the operating machine. These new linear encoders come with an encapsulation which enable them to withstand heat and other strong external stresses, while their absolute inductive scanning resists the hard impact and strong vibrations. To reduce the running costs Leine Linde has created a system that doesn’t need compressed air to prevent the system against dust.

As the 4000 series provides absolute position values directly to the PLC, no additional counter is required as a go-between, and the encoder cannot lose track of its position. The linear sensor in the 4000 series come with measurement lengths up to 260 mm and interfaces SSI and EnDat. Using the robust gateway solutions from Leine&Linde, PROFINET, PROFIBUS and EtherNet/IP interfaces are available.