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How many ways are there to improve the design, quality, accuracy, performance and process reliability of your robots?

Our new e-book will show you 12 ways using HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders!

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The new level of CNC control: TNC7

HEIDENHAIN presents the TNC7. It can be operated intuitively and supports the entire manufacturing process.

Cutting edge careers

As a leader in motion control, positioned at the forefront of technological research development, the HEIDENHAIN team is an exciting one to be a part of.

TNC Club: Meeting point for experts

At the TNC Club, CNC experts can find support and solutions to all questions relating to TNC controls from HEIDENHAIN.

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HEIDENHAIN develops and manufactures linear encoders, angle encoders, rotary encoders, digital readouts, and CNC controls for demanding positioning tasks.

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Greater accuracy with less cabling
MRS 2200 angle encoder modules and EnDat 3 in bus operation

Measuring arms require particularly rigid and compact bearings. Even under off-center loading, the new MRS angle encoder modules from HEIDENHAIN deliver exceptional repeatability. Connecting them via EnDat3 in bus operation gives you high system integration and digital data transmission for less cabling and extensive diagnostics.

Encoders and sensors for all wind-turbine components
Higher efficiency, greater performance and a longer service life

Encoders, sensors and slip rings from HEIDENHAIN and its brands AMO, LEINE LINDE and LTN deliver high-accuracy data about the position, speed and loads acting on a wide variety of wind turbine components. Our solutions support wind-turbine manufacturers and operators in optimizing their systems during the certification, construction, operation and maintenance of everything from the tower to the rotor blades, pitch and azimuth system, gearbox and generator.

12 ways to optimize your robot designs
The benefits of inductive rotary encoders

Streamline your robot design and assembly processes while enhancing the accuracy, performance, reliability and service life of your robotics solutions. Find out how in our new e-book “12 ways to optimize your robot design using rotary encoders”. Download it now to discover the benefits of HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders for your robotics applications.

New Model Aided Setup for the TNC7
Graphically supported setup probing for any workpiece

Leverage new 6D setup capabilities on your machine tool. The Model Aided Setup option (MAS) for the HEIDENHAIN TNC7 guides you through the probing process on your touchscreen using a virtual model of the work envelope. A traffic-light indicator shows whether the workpiece position has been fully acquired so that you can save the reference point, allowing you to measure even complex workpieces in little time.

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