Angle & Rotary Encoders for

HEIDENHAIN offers a full line of angle and rotary encoders for accurate angle measurements. Angle encoders differ from standard duty rotary encoders in terms of accuracy, mechanical complexity and the number of counts per revolution.

Angle encoders from HEIDENHAIN have an accuracy of better than ± 5" and a line count above 10,000 before subdivision. Typical applications include indexing, rotary tables, swivel heads on machine tools, radio and optical telescopes and antennas, high resolution digital printing machines, robotics, C-axes of lathes and gear measuring machines. Heidenhain offers a variety of angle encoders that feature different degrees of accuracy.

Rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN generally have an accuracy of more than ±10". They serve as measuring sensors for rotary motion, angular velocity and linear motion. Applications include electrical motors, machine tools, printing machines, woodworking machines, textile machines, robots and handling devices, as well as various types of measuring, testing, and inspection devices.


Here are some industry-leading ways HEIDENHAIN technology is being used in high-precision motors, motion control and machining systems.

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