Length Gauges and Metrology Solutions

When you need accuracy and versatility, length gauges and QUADRA-CHEK metrology solutions from HEIDENHAIN deliver. These sophisticated, mechanically rugged products cover a wide range of applications—including optical comparators/profile projectors, video measuring machines, multi-sensor machines and coordinate measuring machines.

Why HEIDENHAIN length gauges?

  • Products cover myriad applications in production metrology, in multipoint inspection stations, measuring equipment monitoring, and as position measuring devices
  • The high-accuracy specifications apply over the entire measuring length—whether the part measures 10 mm or 100 mm
  • High repeatability offers an advantage during comparative measurements—in series production, for example
  • The wide measuring ranges (from 12 mm to 100 mm) eliminate the need for multiple, expensive setups
  • Rugged construction and high thermal stability makes HEIDENHAIN length gauges ideal for industrial environments

Why HEIDENHAIN metrology systems?

  • QUADRA-CHEK evaluation electronics cover a variety of metrological applications—including tool presetters, profile projectors, measuring microscopes, 2D and video measuring machines
  • In the optional CNC version, they also operate as full-fledged controls for axis positioning and can automatically execute measuring programs

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