Linear Encoders & Gages for
Length Measurement

HEIDENHAIN offers a wide range of position measuring devices that include sealed and exposed linear encoders, scales and length gages in absolute and incremental versions for a variety of applications.

Linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN are essential for machines that require high quality positioning accuracy, reliability and machining speed. Their advanced design improves productivity by eliminating machine tool position errors caused by thermal expansion of recirculating ball screws in linear feed axes, reversal errors, errors caused by deformation of the drive mechanics by machining forces, and kinematic problems through pitch error in the recirculating ball screw.

HEIDENHAIN’s linear encoders are used in a wide variety of industries from milling machines to electronics and semiconductors. The direct drive technology of linear motors offers low wear, low maintenance and higher productivity. Compact, lightweight and easy to install, linear encoders from HEIDENHAIN function properly even after many years of operation.

In addition to increased accuracy, high long-term speed stability and thermal behavior control, HEIDENHAIN’s linear encoders also reduce machine frame vibration, stop excessive noise exposure and are highly tolerant to contamination.

Linear length gages from HEIDENHAIN offer high accuracy over long measuring ranges. The same gauge, for example, can measure parts from 5 mm to 100 mm. Sturdy HEIDENHAIN gages have many industrial applications from automatic inspection equipment and manual measuring stations to positioning equipment. Depend on HEIDENHAIN gages wherever lengths, spacing, thickness, height or linear motion need to be measured quickly, reliably and accurately.


Here are some industry-leading ways HEIDENHAIN technology is being used in high-precision motors, motion control and machining systems.

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