Touch Probes, Setup & Measurement

Workpiece touch probes are essential to series production, tool making and mold making. They help reduce setup times, increase machine usage time and improve the dimensional accuracy of the finished workpieces. Measuring systems for inspection and acceptance testing of machine tools provide precise and valuable measurements for both machine tool builders and users.

TS workpiece touch probes from HEIDENHAIN are specifically designed to be used on machine tools, especially milling machines and machining centers. TS workpiece touch probes from HEIDENHAIN reduce time and costs by automatically running setup, measuring and verification tasks directly on the machine tool itself.

Automatic tool measurement on the machine ensures successful series production, which depends on consistently good workmanship, detection of wear or tool breakage -- especially when machines run unattended for extended periods – and the prevention of scrap or rework with their accompanying increased costs.

HEIDENHAIN’s measuring systems for inspection and acceptance testing of machine tools make precise and informative measurements of machines possible with a minimum of mounting and adjustment effort. Machine tool performance that includes factors such as compliances to tolerances and surface definition is determined by the dynamic and static accuracy of machine movement. For precision machining, therefore, it is important to measure and compensate for motional deviations.

HEIDENHAIN offers measuring systems for direct capture of both dynamic and static deviations. Machine tool builders use the results of machine measurements to develop constructive measures to improve accuracy. Machine tool users can use the measuring systems for acceptance testing and regular accuracy inspection of their machine.

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